In the last light of 2020

Helen Thomas, field sketch, Charlesworth Way
Acrylic on board, 31st December 2020.

A chilly and invigorating afternoon out sketching in the last light of 2020, on the edge of the vacant car sales plot on Charlesworth Way.

Vibrant green margins of frost fringed mosses and tiny, ground-hugging rosettes of plants that I mainly can’t identify yet apart from the distinctive toothed leaves of Dandelion (which takes its name from the French ‘dent de lion’ meaning lion’s tooth).

I find a spot in the sun where I kneel on a waterproof & insulating mat on the tarmac. There are a few traces of vegetation near eye level from this vantage point: ragged, ochre and brown stalks & seed husks of summer’s Fleabane and Willowherb and there are plenty of buddlejah stems.
Working in acrylics on board, everything very slippy in the freezing damp air, with as much paint coming off as going at every brush stroke. All my painting kit is currently at the studio so I’m working with borrowed brushes & paints which brings mixed feelings of freedom and responsibility.

Picked a bag of take-away litter, grateful that they were frozen.