Sketches in the snow

As I cycled back form checking in with my mum this afternoon fast and heavy snowfall filled my eyes in icy globs and transformed the landscape and soundscape in moments. Once home and changed into dry clothes I couldn’t resist nipping out to snap a few photos and do a quick sketch on Charleswoth Way.

I used watercolour on concertina folded cartridge paper and dye based inks in a sketchbook. I had an idea of how I wanted these sketches to look whilst at the same time wanting to respond directly and intuitively. Due to the cold I wasn’t moving very freely and the sketches reflect this stiffness rather than rapidly capturing the delicate lines that I was visually responding to.

Often, its the turning up and giving it a go that’s that’s important. Fading light and frozen toes stopped play – and that was actually a pretty good feeling.

On the way home I spotted a large leaved plant in flower at the base of a wall, I think it was possibly a Sow Thistle.