Furtive inkings

On Monday evening (4th January) the PM announced a new national lockdown, coming into effect on Tuesday 5th January, with instruction to work from home where possible.
My studio is at The Art House in Wakefield; we were notified immediately after the PM’s announcement that the studios would have to temporarily close.
In my current project ‘Dandelions and Double Yellows‘ I’m working towards an exhibition at Wakefield Cathedral which is due to open in July as part of Wakefield Council’s Festival of the Earth. On Tuesday morning I went for a run to clear my head and started to consider ways of creating large pieces of work in a small space (it looked like it was back to working on a corner of the kitchen table like I had during the first lockdown). The Art House team were brilliant and supportive just before 8pm we received the wonderful news that building would remain open for artists who need access to studios for their livelihoods. I’m very grateful to the CEO, team and board for making this possible.

Alongside working in the studio my practice involves sketching on site from observation; how does this fit with a national order to ‘stay home’? Could I be challenged? If it’s permissible, is it considered acceptable? Would wearing a hi-viz jacket emphasise that I’m working or draw unwanted attention?
I decide to make some very quick inky scrawlings in an A6 notebook as I walk to the studio.
“Walking to work. Working whilst walking. Furtive jottings & chilled fingers. Even in making these few scraps of hurried marks I feel connection, see more, see differently”. Instagram post 06/01/21