Dandelions and the desk

A painting, a sketch and a photo of Dandelions
A painting, a sketch and a photo of Dandelions

I’ve been doing a lot of desk work for Dandelions and Double Yellows this week; planning, organising, and making preparations to invite people to be part of Dandelions and Double Yellows by sending images of pavement plants to be exhibited in an online gallery. I’m very keen to get back to making and painting and it felt so good to nip out first thing to do a quick dandelion sketch before returning to my desk.
I’m looking forward to inviting you to be part of the project soon, there are just a few last details to finalise first.

Rather aptly, as I was thinking about asking people to share their photos of urban flora this afternoon, I received a notification of an interesting new blog post by Sophie Leguil on More than Weeds about the City Nature Challenge which started today.

So, if a pavement plant catches your eye why not let your gaze linger a little longer, consider the colours and shapes that interest you, make a quick sketch or take a photo and maybe note where you saw it growing.

You’ll find the icons to my social media in the footer on this page, if you’d like to say hello and share a pavement plant picture it’d be lovely to see what you’ve spotted, and where you found it growing.