Dandelions and Double Yellows: submit a picture for ‘Your Gallery’

A painting, a sketch and a photo of Dandelions

Dandelions and Double Yellows is an art, nature and noticing project, by artist Helen Thomas, that asks whether we might reconsider the plants that are often dismissed as weeds.

I’ve been sketching, painting and noticing pavement plants on the daily walk to and from my studio in Wakefield throughout the project. The more I take notice of these adaptable plants, the more interesting I find them. I’m still at the stage of ‘recognising’ plants rather than identifying them, as I pay attention to their shapes, their colours and where they grow, I’m gradually learning more about our urban flora and the important part these plants play in our environment.

There is an exhibition of my paintings at Wakefield Cathedral from 10th July to 15th August 2021, and a digital gallery of your pictures as part of Wakefield Council’s Festival of the Earth.

Dandelions and Double Yellows – Your Gallery
I’d love to see pictures of favourite urban wild plants that you’ve spotted in the Wakefield District and maybe an occasional blow-in from further afield. Your pictures will be exhibited in an online gallery for everyone to enjoy as part of Wakefield Council’s Festival of the Earth in Summer 2021.

Before we start – taking part means taking care
Look out for yourself, for others, and for your environment:
• When I’m out sketching or taking photos of plants in public places I make sure that I’m safe and not causing an obstruction or danger to others – you’ll need do this too.
• Please don’t pick or pull plants or flowers.
If it’s not safe or practical to draw or paint from life maybe you could take a photo for reference. “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints […].” quote attributed to Baltimore Grotto (Caving Society) 1952.

A painting, a sketch and a photo of Dandelions
Your pavement plant picture might be a painting, a sketch or a photo

Your picture
You can send a photo of the plant where you saw it growing, or make a sketch, drawing or painting and send me a photo of your artwork.
• Take a moment to think about what caught your interest
• You could show the whole plant or a close up detail
If you’re sending a photo of your artwork please remember to show it at its best – take your photograph in good light, avoid shadows and reflections, and carefully position your artwork and camera to take your photo straight-on rather than at an angle.

• By submitting your image you are agreeing to it being used by Helen Thomas, Creative Wakefield and Festival of the Earth in the Dandelions and Double Yellows online gallery and related website and social media posts.
• By submitting your image you confirm that your contribution is your own original work.
• You must be at least 18 years of age to submit an image. If you are under 18 you confirm, by submitting an image, that you have obtained the consent of your parent/guardian (parents/guardians can submit an image on behalf of under 18’s).

Please note: I hope to include a picture from everyone who submits one in the gallery, however, I can’t guarantee to do so. If you have more than one picture that you wish to submit please submit your favourite first.

Deadline for entries
Some images have already been added to Dandelions and Double Yellows – Your Gallery.
I’d love to include more of your images; the final deadline for entries is Friday 23rd July.

How to submit your picture
• Please send a good quality jpeg image. If you’re working with high-res images please spare a thought for my in-box (remember your photo will be displayed in an online gallery)
• Photos will be credited with your name: Firstname Surname, Initial Surname, or Firstname only; please make your preference clear in your submission (and, if possible, by naming your file as you wish to be credited e.g Helen_Thomas.jpeg)
• Please note – images in the gallery won’t be accompanied by any text. However, If you’d like to include a few short words about your pavement plant picture with your submission then I’ll try to include this in social media posts.
• Click the button below to access the form to submit your picture.

How and when can I see the online gallery?
Dandelions and Double Yellows – Your Gallery is hosted on the Creative Wakefield website. The gallery is already live, with some of your lovely images and includes paintings, photographs, drawing, a cyanotype and song lyrics.
The final set of your pictures will be uploaded at the beginning of August 2021 (deadline Friday 23rd July).

I’ll also post news of the online gallery on my social media
The project hashtag is #dandelionsdoubleyellows

I look forward to including, your pavement plant picture in the online gallery.
You’re also warmly invited to visit my exhibition of paintings at Wakefield Cathedral this summer.

Thanks for being part of Dandelions and Double Yellows
Helen Thomas