What’s in a name? yards, gardens and enclosures

'Fence' (working title), Work in progress may 2021

I’ve been thinking about our relationships with plants and how they sit with ideas of ‘garden’ and ‘wild’ and the wide range of spaces that can’t be defined by these terms.

The working title for one of the pieces that I’m making for the Dandelions and Double Yellows exhibition at Wakefield Cathedral this summer is ‘Fence’.
Today I learned that the word garden has its roots in the Old English ‘geard’ which means ‘enclosure’. Apparently ‘geard’ is also the origin of the word ‘yard’; so it seems that these words that I think of as relating to spaces or areas come from words that describe their definitions or barriers. I also saw a reference to a related Old Dutch word which I think meant stick or branch, however, despite searching my browser history I can’t find the page.

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