Lunchtime noticing

Collage of photos of wildflowers
flowering pavement plants in Wakefield Cathedral grounds, May 2021

At lunchtime I walked over to the pop-up studio that I’m using for the Dandelions and Double Yellows project, thanks to support from Makey Wakey. On the way back to my studio at The Art House I walked a little slower and looked a little closer at the ground around Wakefield Cathedral.
Wakefield Cathedral is the venue for the Dandelions and Double Yellows exhibition in summer 2021 and I was interested to notice what plants were in flower in the cathedral grounds. In just a couple of minutes I spotted Cranesbill, buttercup, daisy, violet, chickweed, dandelion & herb robert. Heavy hail storms pounded everything earlier in the week, but these plants have proved pretty resilient. I could have happily spent hours sketching but for today a few quick photos had to suffice.

As I write this post I’m not sure what the tiny flower in the top left is, I think it’s a cranesbill (wild geranium). If you can identify it and want to say hello on twitter I’d love to hear from you; I’m always interested to learn new names.

I’d love to see some of your sketches, paintings or photographs of the pavement plants you see in the Wakefield area, and to display them in an online gallery as part of the project, and Wakefield Council’s Festival of the Earth this summer. Dandelions and Double Yellows – Your Gallery will be hosted by Creative Wakefield.

Read more about how to submit your image to be included in the gallery here.

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