Lunchtime noticing

flowering pavement plants in Wakefield Cathedral grounds, May 2021

At lunchtime I walked over to the pop-up studio that I’m using for the Dandelions and Double Yellows project, thanks to support from Makey Wakey. On the way back to my studio at The Art House I walked a little slower and looked a little closer at the ground around Wakefield Cathedral. Wakefield Cathedral is… Continue reading Lunchtime noticing

The width of doubles – part two

Measure, check, measure again, cut

In a recent blog post I wrote about starting a long narrow scroll painting based on memories of mosses. I’d carefully considered the width, measured and cut a paper strip 7cm x 350cm, and spent many hours painting, when the thought finally popped into my head – how wide are double yellow lines? I knew… Continue reading The width of doubles – part two


I’m fascinated by the micro habitat that has formed over this iron drain cover. There’s lots going on here that I want to explore.The formal contrast of theĀ organic plant forms against the manufactured metal grate; the unplanned wild finding home within the planned urban infrastructure. I’ve been sketching what are commonly termed as ‘weeds’ on… Continue reading Kerbsides