Story of the blues

Ragwort, Thornes Lane

Colour research, looking at metal fencing near Thornes Lane, on the outskirts of Wakefield. Back at the studio I made several colour swatches on paper and then returned to site the next day to match up against the fence. The colour tests are for one of the pieces that I’m making for the Dandelions and… Continue reading Story of the blues

The width of doubles – part two

Measure, check, measure again, cut

In a recent blog post I wrote about starting a long narrow scroll painting based on memories of mosses. I’d carefully considered the width, measured and cut a paper strip 7cm x 350cm, and spent many hours painting, when the thought finally popped into my head – how wide are double yellow lines? I knew… Continue reading The width of doubles – part two

The width of doubles – part one

I’m making a scroll format painting for the Dandelions and Double Yellows exhibition, actually, the final format of the display is still to be decided. What I do know is that I’m making a very long narrow painting based on green gold memories of winter mosses. I’ve been thinking about the width of a line,… Continue reading The width of doubles – part one

Groundsel, Cathedral Grounds, Grounded

I started this painting early in 2020 to exhibit at Wakefield Cathedral later that year. When the PM announced the first coronavirus lockdown in the UK on 23rd March 2020 The Art House had to close its doors and I had to leave it in the studio. During lockdown my makeshift home studio was a… Continue reading Groundsel, Cathedral Grounds, Grounded

Workshop Saturday 11th May

On Saturday 11th May I’m running a drawing and mark making workshop in Wakefield. Tickets for the afternoon workshop have sold out but there are a few places available on the 9.30 – 12 noon workshop. Further details and tickets are available here

Inside outside

I’m interested in the adaptable and tenacious plants that are often overlooked & unwanted. I’m currently reading ‘Weeds, How Vagabond Plants Gatecrashed Civilisation and Changed the Way We Think About Nature’ by Richard Mabey. On the walk to the studio I made this kerbside sketch of Groundsel. I’m thinking about how my field work relates… Continue reading Inside outside

Scale and proportion

This afternoon I was meant to be working on some small paintings, however, I realised that my thoughts were toying with something on quite a different scale. Sometimes you’ve just got to make a physical start on something even if you’re not sure how to do it or how it’ll turn out.


I’m fascinated by the micro habitat that has formed over this iron drain cover. There’s lots going on here that I want to explore.The formal contrast of the organic plant forms against the manufactured metal grate; the unplanned wild finding home within the planned urban infrastructure. I’ve been sketching what are commonly termed as ‘weeds’ on… Continue reading Kerbsides