Inside outside

I’m interested in the adaptable and tenacious plants that are often overlooked & unwanted. I’m currently reading Weeds, How Vagabond Plants Gatecrashed Civilisation and Changed the Way We Think About Nature  by Richard Mabey. On the walk to the studio I made this kerbside sketch of Groundsel.

I’m thinking about how my on site / en plain air drawing and painting relates to the work done in the studio.

I’ve recently acquired some old fence planks and made first sketchy marks to explore working on different planes.


Fascinated by the micro habitat that has formed over this iron drain cover.
Lots going on here that I want to explore.
fragile organic plant forms /  heavy geometric metal grate
wildness / domestication
opportunist / planned

Several patches of weeds that I’ve been sketching have been cleared. I’m also aware that I could be asked to move on. My sketching and painting habits might have to adapt, mimic the weeds’ rapid development in order for some to take hold and grow.